Future of Work Articles

703Microsoft doesn't require a college degree for entry-level jobs — here's what the company looks for instead, according to execs 03/05/2020

702Ad Council campaign from White House task force will tout alternatives to bachelor's degree 02/24/2020

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714Embedding Industry Certifications in Undergraduate Programs 01/28/2020

712Redefining the role of the leader in the reskilling era 01/15/2020

713Boosting the accessibility of Workplace Reskilling 01/15/2020

715Liberal Arts Pay Off in the Long Run 01/14/2020

716The talent crisis plaguing Indian startups re?ects the country’s deep education crisis 01/13/2020

708The Workplace of 2050, according To Experts 01/08/2020

718Elon Musk says you still don't need a college degree to work at Tesla. Here's what he looks for in job applicants instead. 01/08/2020

701Jobs of Tomorrow Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy 01/01/2020

Some findings:
  • Demand for both Digital and Human factors is drivinh growth in the professions of the future.
  • Seven Emerging professional clusters - Data and AI; Engineering and Cloud Computig; People and Culture; Product Development; Sales, Marketing and Content; Care Economy; Green Economy.
  • Higher volume growth in AI Specialists, Medical Transcriptionists, Data Scientists, Custemer Success Specialists, Full Stack Engineers; Lower volume growth in Landfill Biogas Generation System Technicians, Social Media Asssitants, Wind Turbine Service Technicians, Green Marketers, Growth Hackers.
  • In demand skills: Business Skills, Specialized Industry Skills, General and Soft Skills, Tech Baseline Skills, Tech Distruptive Skills. Some jobs demand more digital technology skills, others place more emphasis on Business Skills and Specialized Industry Skills.
706A government blueprint to adapt the ecosystem to automation and the Future of Work 01/01/2020

707Beyond hiring: How companies are reskilling to address talent gaps 01/01/2020

717The new science of talent: From roles to returns 01/01/2020

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