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# Title               Source Date
1 ‘You’re Stupid If You Don’t Get Scared’ When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival    06/01/2018
2 5 Things I’m Telling My Kids to Prepare Them for the Future 10/08/2018
3 13 things to know about the GDPR, Mozilla and Firefox 05/23/2018
4 2018 AI Now symposium a skeptic's guide to AI 10/18/2018
5 A Chill From Beijing Buffets China’s Tech Sector 12/27/2018
6 A Limit to China’s Economic Rise Not Enough Babies 04/29/2018
7 A match made in Silicon Valley can blockchain reinvent dating 05/15/2018
8 A Nation of Shopkeepers Rejoices as Tesco Trumps Carrefour 04/15/2018
9 A Year After Amazon Devoured Whole Foods, Rivals Are Pursuing Countermoves 06/10/2018
10 Additional Vetting Considered for Chinese Students 11/30/2018
11 Advertisers Brace for Europe’s New Data Rules 06/18/2017
12 Advertisers Try to Avoid the Web’s Dark Side, From Fake News to Extremist Videos 06/18/2017
13 After Scrutinizing Facebook, Congress Turns to Google Deal With Huawei 07/07/2018
14 AI Gaydar and Other Stories of the Death of Ignorance 06/14/2018
15 AI spots legal problems with tech T&Cs in GDPR research project 07/04/2018
16 Airlines’ Boarding Changes Reward Higher-Paying Travelers 12/21/2018
17 Airplane class wars are now in the coach cabin. Here's your guide 12/22/2018
18 Alibaba Expects Faster Revenue Growth on Commerce, Cloud Businesses 05/04/2018
19 Alibaba Group Earnings What to Watch 11/01/2018
20 Alibaba helps public transport software start-up 12/11/2018
21 Alibaba Joe Tsai claims many Americans 'want to stop China' from upgrading its tech 05/31/2018
22 Alibaba-Net-a-Porter Is New Front in China’s Luxury War 10/26/2018
23 Alibaba's Jack Ma is a Communist Party member, China state paper reveals 11/26/2018
24 Alibaba’s Profit Slips as It Spends to Expand Its Empire 05/04/2018
25 Amazon and Best Buy link up on smart Fire TV deal 04/18/2018
26 Amazon and Walmart bet big on Indian grocery delivery 06/20/2018
27 Amazon Bookstores Offer Peek Into Whole Foods’ Future 10/13/2017
28 Amazon Expands Into Ocean Freight 01/25/2017
29 Amazon finally made its e-commerce service usable for international customers 04/18/2018
30 Amazon Investigates Employees Leaking Data for Bribes 09/16/2018
31 Amazon is challenging LaCroix with 365 sparkling water at Whole Foods 06/10/2018
32 Amazon Is Taking Over the World Not in Europe 04/30/2018
33 Amazon Prime members get Whole Foods discounts 01/08/2019
34 Amazon Targets Unprofitable Items, With a Sharper Focus on the Bottom Line 12/16/2018
35 Amazon to expand Whole Foods stores 12/31/2018
36 Amazon, to Win in Booming Rural India, Reinvents Itself 12/31/2018
37 Amazon's new blockchain service competes with similar products from Oracle and IBM 04/23/2018
38 Amazon's new plan to thwart porch thieves The online retailer said Tuesday that it's rolling out a program in 37 cities to make deliveries to its members' parked cars. How it works 04/24/2018
39 Amazon's next conquest will be apparel 04/22/2018
40 Amazon’s PillPack Deal Gives It Access to Sensitive Health Data 01/07/2018
41 Amazon’s scale in Japan challenges rivals and regulators 06/24/2018
42 AmazonMachineLearning 01/05/2019
43 American Express Is Ready to Charge Into China 04/26/2018
44 American Tech Firms Are Winning the R&D Spending Race With China 10/30/2018
45 Applying AI for social good 01/05/2017
46 At Walmart, the CEO Makes 1,188 Times as Much as the Median Worker 04/02/2018
47 Australia’s Mall Owners Gird Themselves for Battle With Amazon 05/01/2018
48 Big Tech Expands Footprint in Health 11/27/2018
49 California Passes Sweeping Data-Privacy Bill 06/28/2018
50 Can the Tech Giants Be Stopped 07/14/2018
51 Can-IT-rise-to-the-digital-challenge 10/01/2018
52 China forms 1st AI alliance - Business 06/21/2017
53 China starts production of AMD-based x86 CPUs 06/08/2018
54 China Tech Giants’ Costly Wars to Go Cashless 06/14/2018
55 China's Aircraft Carriers Have a Big Problem Fatally Flawed Fighter Planes 06/05/2018
56 China's edge in the tech race is vast amounts of data and public approval 11/30/2018
57 China's penetration of Silicon Valley creates risks for startups 06/28/2018
58 China’s Challenge to Democracy 04/26/2018
59 Chinas-fast-climb-up-the-value-chain 05/01/2018
60 Chinese AI industry growing 07/02/2018
61 Chinese ecommerce exporters bullish on prospects despite Trump 12/24/2018
62 Chinese ecommerce giant under pressure to spell out its future 12/11/2018
63 Chinese Government Reorganization 03/14/2018
64 Chinese Internet Giant Meituan Files for Hong Kong IPO 06/22/2018
65 Chinese leaders ‘absolutely confused’ by Trump’s demands on trade 06/23/2018
66 Companies under strain from GDPR requests 07/01/2018
67 Crippling China Delivery Dispute Is All About the Data 06/02/2018
68 Does Huawei's Research Funding Pose a Threat 06/29/2018
69 Donald Trump has a point about China’s technology abuses 06/19/2018
70 DoorDash makes a big push into grocery delivery through a pilot program with Walmart 04/24/2018
71 Facebook’s blockchain experiment raises eyebrows 05/15/2018
72 Five ways China's past has shaped its present 04/20/2018
73 Forget Drones. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Needs Lots of Delivery Guys 12/17/2018
74 Forum The data science challenge 06/01/2018
75 Germany Opens Amazon Antitrust Probe, Adding to European Scrutiny 11/29/2018
76 Google Invests $550 Million in Chinese Online Shopping Site 06/18/2018
77 Google promises ethical principles to guide development of military AI 05/30/2018
78 Google ups its Linux Foundation membership to the $500,000 year Platinum level 06/27/2018
79 GUI-fying the Machine Learning Workflow Towards Rapid Discovery of Viable Pipelines 06/25/2018
80 How Amazon Alexa Uses Machine Learning to Get Smarter 12/19/2018
81 How Amazon Web Services Reinvented the Internet and Became a Cash Cow 11/26/2018
82 How Americans Spend Their Time Working Less Despite Job Growth 06/28/2018
83 How B2B Companies Can Grow with Ecosystem Orchestration 05/18/2018
84 How luxury learned to love Chinese ecommerce 10/26/2018
85 How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon 12/17/2018
86 How to fix business schools’ fintech problem 06/11/2018
87 Huawei chairman slams US lawmakers over college tie-up criticism 06/27/2018
88 IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Criticizes Big Internet Platforms for Mishandling Customers’ Data 11/26/2018
89 In Blow to Amazon and Walmart, India Bans a Key Part of Their Business Strategy 12/26/2018
90 India’s ecommerce companies face Walmart and Amazon onslaught 06/12/2018
91 Information wars How Europe became the world’s data police 05/20/2018
92 Inside a Heist of American Chip Designs, as China Bids for Tech Power 06/22/2018
93 International classification for standards 01/10/2019
94 Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Desinging ai for human values - itu2017-1 01/10/2019
95 J. Crew Scraps Cheaper Brand, Putting Deal With Amazon in Doubt 11/29/2018
96 Tries to ‘Change the Narrative’ With Business Restructuring 12/27/2018
97 Systems, networks, and ecosystems in service research - JOSM-09-2015-0268 09/01/2015
98 Letter of Recommendation AliExpress 04/11/2018
99 Lighter load Laundry detergents shrink for Amazon 12/27/2018
100 M.B.A. Graduates Enter Tougher Job Market 06/25/2018
101 M.B.A. Programs Try Catering to Liberal-Arts Types—With Math Camp 06/04/2018
102 Meituan, the Tencent-backed one-stop super app, files for IPO in Hong Kong 06/25/2018
103 MGI-Applying-AI-for-social-good-Discussion-paper-Dec-2018 12/01/2018
104 NASA’s adorable space station AI had an emotional meltdown in his debut 12/03/2018
105 New Era at Amazon’s Whole Foods Grates on Some Suppliers, Employees 06/02/2018
106 No clear solution to nationwide shortage of computer science professors 05/09/2018
107 Now Cropping Up Robo-Farming 06/01/2018
108 Object Detection with 10 lines of code – Towards Data Science 06/16/2018
109 OPERATING WITHOUT OPERATIONS – Breidbach et al. (2018) postprint 09/23/2018
110 Overflowing With Cash, The World’s Largest-Money Market Fund Is Trying a New Tactic 05/03/2018
111 Paid Program The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence 05/03/2018
112 Particle physics gets the machine learning treatment as collider data multiplies 05/04/2018
113 Pearson Plans AI Expansion 06/02/2018
114 Preparing for an AI future 06/08/2018
115 Pressure mounts on EU-US Privacy Shield after Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal 06/12/2018
116 Privacy group calls on US government to adopt universal AI guidelines to protect safety, security and civil liberties 10/29/2018
117 Qualcomm comes under pressure on legal disputes 04/25/2018
118 Report paints bleak picture for retail stores 04/16/2018
119 Retail Report Card for 2018 From Walmart to Tiffany’s 12/29/2018
120 Reviving-grocery-retail-Six-imperatives-vF 01/10/2019
121 Richemont strikes China ecommerce partnership with Alibaba 10/25/2018
122 Robot Reality Check They Create Wealth—and Jobs 11/30/2018
123 Sainsbury Considers Buying Asda From Walmart 04/28/2018
124 Sainsbury's and Asda close to securing sensational £10bn merger 04/28/2018
125 Saudis pushing tech like 'there is no tomorrow' 04/21/2018
126 Scholars Warn of Chinese Influence Operations in U.S. 11/28/2018
127 Shipping companies see record e-commerce deliveries, reco.. 12/26/2018
128 Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to help Shenzhen climb the innovation ladder 06/20/2018
129 Singapore to develop code for ethical use of AI and personal data 06/12/2018
130 Six business schools sign deal for hologram lectures 10/31/2018
131 Startup ecosystem report China is rising while the US is waning 04/20/2018
132 States Want to Force Online Retailers to Collect Billions in Sales Tax 04/16/2018
133 Student flows with Chinese characteristics 07/09/2018
134 Taiwan’s Technology Secrets Come Under Assault From China 07/01/2018
135 Tesco and Carrefour partner to purchase supplies 06/02/2018
136 The biggest difference between China and the US today explains why China is taking over the global economy 06/29/2018
137 The MBA view is protectionism bad for the economy 04/17/2018
138 The other China story 04/25/2018
139 The Silicon Valley enclave of Los Altos Hills is officially the wealthiest town in America 05/31/2018
140 Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Learn How to Work with A.I 11/30/2016
141 Trade War Punctures China’s Pride in Its Technology 06/28/2018
142 Trump Plans New Curbs on Chinese Investment, Tech Exports to China 06/24/2018
143 U.S. mulls new restrictions for Chinese students 11/29/2018
144 U.S. Weighs New Trade Action Against China, Over Curbs on Tech Companies 04/16/2018
145 University of Illinois insures itself against possible drop in Chinese enrollments 11/29/2018
146 UPS, FedEx take divergent holiday strategies 11/28/2018
147 UPS’s $20 Billion Problem Operations Stuck in the 20th Century 06/15/2018
148 US Supreme Court Rules States Can Require Online Merchants to Collect Sales Tax 06/22/2018
149 US-China rivalry will shape the 21st century 04/10/2018
150 VW's fast EV charging network is headed to Walmart parking lots 04/18/2018
151 Wal-Mart Sales Edge Up, Though Profit Falls 11/17/2018
152 Wal-Mart to Vendors Get Off Amazon’s Cloud 06/21/2018
153 Walmart eases its dress code to allow jeans 04/19/2018
154 Walmart Is Getting Picky About Online Marketplace Sellers 04/10/2018
155 Walmart is in advanced talks to acquire Amazon’s India rival Flipkart 04/13/2018
156 Walmart Labs Hiring 150 Retail Tech Positions 04/27/2018
157 Walmart Labs launches hiring for Bay Area tech workers - Tech News 04/24/2018
158 Walmart Looks to Scale Back in U.K. and Brazil, With an Eye on India 04/29/2018
159 Walmart Relaxes Deadlines for Some Deliveries Amid Driver Crunch 04/11/2018
160 Walmart sells 80% of its Brazilian operation to Advent Intl, will record $4.5B loss as a result 06/04/2018
161 Walmart Takes a Stand on Guns, Gay Rights to Get People to Like It More 06/05/2018
162 Walmart Takes on Amazon With $15 Billion Bid for Stake in India’s Flipkart 05/04/2018
163 Walmart to Sell British Unit Asda to U.K. Rival Sainsbury 04/30/2018
164 Walmart will roll out a cleaner, sleeker website in May 04/17/2018
165 Walmart's clever plan to keep checkout lines moving during the holiday season 10/30/2018
166 Walmart's Traffic Declines 04/13/2018
167 Wanted at Chinese Start-Ups Attractive Women to Ease Coders’ Stress 04/24/2018
168 Wary of Future Job Losses, White House Convenes Tech Leaders for Summit 12/06/2018
169 Wealthy Chinese consumers drive up price of luxury tea leaves 06/12/2018
170 What do Uber, Volkswagen and Zenefits have in common They all used hidden code to break the law 03/03/2017
171 What is machine learning? We drew you another flowchart 11/17/2018
172 What the Flipkart Deal Means to Walmart and Amazon 04/16/2018
173 What’s New in Deep Learning Research Learning by Comparing Using Representational Similarity 06/25/2018
174 When did boarding a plane become so complicated 12/14/2018
175 Where Are the Corporate Patriots 11/28/2018
176 Why Europe’s Cyber Insurance Windfall Hasn’t Happened 06/20/2018
177 Why Silicon Valley wins big from the USMCA 12/12/2018
178 Walmart’s test store for new technology, Sam’s Club Now, opens next week in Dallas 10/29/2018
179 Walmart partners with Rakuten to open its first e-commerce store in Japan 12/11/2018
180 US intelligence community says quantum computing and AI pose an ’emerging threat’ to national security 12/13/2018
181 This clever AI hid data from its creators to cheat at its appointed task 12/31/2018
182 Robots will build robots in $150 million Chinese factory 10/27/2018
183 Privacy group calls on US government to adopt universal AI guidelines to protect safety, security and civil liberties 10/29/2018
184 New e-commerce restrictions in India just ruined Christmas for Amazon and Walmart 12/27/2018
185 Lawmakers say Amazon’s facial recognition software may be racially biased and harm free expression 11/30/2018
186 Google secures e-money license from Lithuania 12/27/2018
187 US Wallet Ecosystem 12/18/2018
188 China’s teams up with Intel to develop ‘smart’ retail experiences 12/10/2018
189 China’s Infervision is helping 280 hospitals worldwide detect cancers from images 11/30/2018
190 China-US trade deficit could be misleading 06/07/2018
191 Amazon opens up its internal machine learning training to everyone 11/26/2018
192 A Chinese ecommerce app that lures grocery shoppers with cash just raised $100M in Series B 12/11/2018
194 Amazon dominated Thanksgiving weekend but results reveal huge opportunities for competitors 12/09/2018
195 Bank of China to enable payment in yuan on U.S. e-commerce plaforms 01/13/2019
196 Can man ever build a mind? 01/13/2019
197 Hong Kong international schools to be forced to sing China anthem 01/09/2019
198 Train Image Recognition AI with 5 lines of code 07/20/2018
199 Apple and China’s problems show that today’s titans may not rule the world tomorrow 01/06/2019
200 Alibaba Feels the Pinch From China’s Slowing Economic Growth 11/02/2018
201 Can IT rise to the digital challenge? 11/01/2018
202 Chinese merchants refuse cash as mobile payments take off 01/01/2019
203 Data brokers: regulators try to rein in the ‘privacy deathstars’ 01/07/2019
204 Department stores are 'fighting for their lives,' says ex-Target exec Gerald Storch 01/10/2019
205 E-commerce Expertise Comes to Health Startup Turnaround 01/05/2019
206 Amazon-owned Whole Foods scraps smaller 365 store expansion 01/11/2019
207 Immigrants vs. U.S.-Born as STEM Majors 01/09/2019
208 Is Shopping at Whole Foods Worth It for the Amazon Prime Benefits? 01/06/2019
209 Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon: Best of Frenemies 01/05/2019
210 Police target vast mafia profits from food fraud and mislabelling 01/07/2019
211 Sainsbury’s and Asda close to securing sensational £10bn merger 04/28/2019
212 Target's Secret Weapon in Amazon Battle: In-Store Pickup 01/10/2019
213 Winning in an era of unprecedented disruption: A perspective on US retail 01/01/2019
214 Alibaba faces growing regulatory threat as China’s economy falters 01/14/2019
215 How Open-source software took over the world 01/12/2019
216 US clash over EU privacy rules stymies European funds 01/13/2019
217 How Amazon could soon transform Whole Foods stores 01/15/2019
218 How do you fight an algorithm you cannot see? 01/15/2019
219 The Mobile Checkout Benchmark Report 01/15/2019
220 What Singles Day can tell us about how retail is changing in China 12/18/2018
221 National Health Service trials AI software to diagnose breast cancer 01/13/2019
222 AI in Banking and Payments 01/16/2019
223 In New York, a Glitzy New Mall Devotes a Floor to Online Retailers 01/17/2019
224 Overdoing it_ the cost of China’s long-hours culture _ Financial Times.pdf 01/17/2019
225 Walmart Could Leave CVS Caremark Pharmacy Networks Amid Dispute 01/15/2019
226 China’s Tencent and Alibaba ease off on dealmaking 01/17/2019
227 Survey_ Employers Want 'Soft Skills' From Graduates 01/17/2019
228 Walmart, CVS Health hammer out new PBM pharmacy network deal 01/18/2019
229 Smartphones overtake shopping centres as a popular way to shop 01/17/2019
230 MGI-Jobs-Lost-Jobs-Gained-Report-December-6-2017 12/01/2017
231 Adapting-education-to-the-demands-of-a-rapidly-changing-economy 08/01/2018
232 The-role-of-education-in-AI-and-vice-versa 04/01/2018
233 AI, automation, and the future of work_ Ten things to solve for (Tech4Good) 06/01/2018
234 What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages_ Jobs lost, jobs gained 11/01/2018
235 Why Walmart still reigns as America's retail king (for now) 01/19/2019
236 Asia's richest man to take on Amazon boss Jeff Bezos in India's booming e-commerce sector 01/19/2019
237 India's e-commerce cursb could hit online sales by $46 billion by 2022 01/19/2019
238 How to Invest in E-Commerce 01/19/2019
239 US and China race for technologies of the future 01/20/2019
240 How Main Street retailers can use technology to save their businesses 01/18/2019
241 New Job for Robots_ Taking Stock for Retailers 01/27/2019
242 This Retailer Just Beat Costco as America's Favorite Grocery Store 01/27/2019
243 Open standards can disrupt Facebook’s messaging monopoly 01/28/2019
244 Walmart's exit from Google Express brings up questions about the marketplace's future 01/28/2019
245 FedEx to End Ground Deliveries for Amazon 08/07/2019
246 This is why large retailers like Amazon, Walmart & Costco won’t be as impacted by fresh tariffs - MarketWatch Marketwatch 08/06/2019
247 The MBA students gaining practical investment management experience _ Financial Times 08/04/2019
248 Everyone hates customer service 08/03/2019
249 Everyone Hates Customer Service. This Is Why. 08/03/2019
250 Amazon will pull the plug on Dash buttons at the end of August - MarketWatch Marketwatch 08/03/2019
251 Has the Potential to Unseat Alibaba as ‘The Amazon of China’ Investornews 08/01/2019
252 Top-Consumer-Complaints-Report Consumer Federation of America 07/20/2019
253 US-China trade war starts to take a toll on employment _ Financial Times 07/31/2019
254 Amazon Pushes Brands to Be Less Boxy 07/30/2019
255 Amazon's Next Step in Grocery Could Hit Walmart Where It Hurts 07/31/2019
256 Amazon Is Saving Retail, Not Destroying It WashingtonPost 07/30/2019
257 Where Will Be in 10 Years_ 07/28/2019
258 Online Shopping_ How to Beat the System 07/26/2019
259 Can the Internet Save the Department Store 07/27/2019
260 Amazon’s Revolutionary Retail Strategy, Recycling Old Ideas Wired 07/26/2019
261 Amazon Prime Day converted more browsers to buyers - and here’s what they were searching 07/25/2019
262 How Alibaba Is Winning the Trade War 06/06/2019
263 Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will use recycled cellphones, electronics 07/24/2019
264 A Deep Dive Into How Amazon Prime Members Shopped Prime Day 07/25/2019
265 Dow Jones Industrial Average Fell as Boeing, Caterpillar Earnings Came Up Short - Barron's Barrons 07/24/2019
266 Amazon Offers Sellers a Leg Up, With a Catch 07/18/2019
267 UPS to Start 7-Day Delivery to Juggle Demands of Online Shopping 07/23/2019
268 Rent the Runway Is Growing Fast, and Struggling to Keep Up 07/23/2019
269 UPS teams up with 3 major retailers, launches new services to expand delivery 07/23/2019
270 FexEx Investors Shouldn’t Worry About Amazon. Look at Walmart. Barrons 07/23/2019
271 Service Innovation Class - Evernote Web Lynda 11/01/2016
272 Alibaba takes on Amazon in a $1.8 trillion US market 07/23/2019
273 Vestager’s parting shot at big tech aims for Amazon and Qualcomm 07/17/2019
274 Toys R Us turns to tech to revive defunct chain 07/18/2019
275 Amazon Faces Probe in Europe Over Use of Merchant Data 07/17/2019
276 Omnichannel-consumer-interactions-a-payer-perspective 06/01/2019
277 Walmart (WMT) Online Unit Looking for New Executive 07/12/2019
278 Walmart Deepens Store-Digital Integration as Web Unit Struggles 07/19/2019
279 A shadowy internet industry is booming HKFP 08/08/2019
280 Opinion _ The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition 07/10/2019
281 40 Years Later, Lessons From the Rise and Quick Decline of the First ‘Killer App’ - WSJ 07/13/2019
282 How one Amazon warehouse prepares for Prime Day 07/12/2019
283 Some of Amazon's highly-paid tech workers say warehouse worker conditions are 'a source of shame' (AMZN) Yahoo 07/12/2019
284 Walmart Online Unit Hunts for New Executive While Losses Pile Up 07/12/2019
285 This Salzburg Palace Is More Than a Scene in ‘The Sound of Music’ 07/11/2019
286 Amazon to Retrain a Third of Its U.S. Workforce 07/11/2019
287 New Chinese model for higher education 07/11/2019
288 Kohl's Amazon returns program now available everywhere - Milwaukee Business Journal Bizjournals 07/10/2019
289 Walmart's Domestic Digital Business Could Lose $1 Billion This Year 07/10/2019
290 How loud restaurants are affecting your tastebuds The noise inside restaurants may be changing the way that we experience our meals. Sound's alleged effect on taste » FreePress 07/07/2019
291 Walmart Has Already Lost Its Battle With Amazon 07/10/2019
292 Spurred by Amazon, Supermarkets Try Swapping Cashiers for Cameras 07/07/2019
293 Grill Stars_ This Summer’s Hottest Steaks 07/03/2019
294 A Whirlwind, Round-the-World Food Tour of Queens 07/01/2019
295 Inside an Amazon Warehouse, Robots’ Ways Rub Off on Humans 07/03/2019
296 Walmart's Efforts to Keep Up With Amazon Are Costing It Motley Fool 07/06/2019
297 Amazon’s Deal Making Threatened by D.C. Scrutiny 07/03/2019
298 Walmart said to lose over $1B, weighs selling off money-losing online units 07/03/2019
299 Huawei founder predicts internet of things is next US battle 07/03/2019
300 E-Commerce Turns the Tables on Restaurant Space 07/02/2019
301 Shopping Centers Exploring Facial Recognition in Brave New World of Retail 07/02/2019
302 China’s Campaign Against Online Reselling Will Be Ugly for Cosmetics 07/03/2019
303 Walmart Turns to VR to Pick Middle Managers 06/30/2019
304 Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers 06/28/2019
305 Amazon adds new option_ Buy on Amazon, pick up at Rite Aid 06/27/2019
306 Warehouse Design Steals a Page From Tech Playbook 06/25/2019
307 Huawei Telecom Gear Much More Vulnerable to Hackers Than Rivals’ Equipment, Report Says 06/25/2019
308 The trade war is weighing on Chinese home buying in the US 06/25/2019
309 JetBlue sues Walmart for trademark infringement over Jetblack serviceReuters 06/24/2019
310 U.S. Considers Requiring 5G Equipment for Domestic Use Be Made Outside China 06/23/2019
311 ANSI-Letter-to-BIS ANSI 06/06/2019
312 Federal Register __ Temporary General License FederalRegister 03/24/2016
313 US risks handing Africa’s e-commerce sector to China 06/24/2019
314 How to Spot (and Avoid) Fake Google Maps Listings 06/22/2019
315 Accenture Retrains Its Workers as Technology Upends Their Jobs 06/23/2019
316 China Suspends AP History Tests 06/24/2019
317 Microsoft bans Slack and discourages AWS and Google Docs use internally 06/22/2019
318 Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits 06/20/2019
319 The Future of Housing Rises in Phoenix 06/19/2019
320 American Airlines Orders 50 Midsize Airbus Jets, in Blow to Boeing 06/19/2019
321 Has Almost Vanished -- and That's Fine With Walmart 06/18/2019
322 Top 100 global brands 2019_ the full ranking 06/11/2019
323 New media brands thrive on user experience 06/18/2019
324 China and new tech generation shake old notions of good branding 06/18/2019
325 Amazon clinches top spot in world’s most valuable brand ranking 06/11/2019
326 Battle intensifies to unlock value in the ‘internet of things’ 06/18/2019
327 Data suggests Walmart's biggest reason for store closures could be itself Yahoo 06/17/2019
328 Walmart’s Retrenchment Drives Home How Hard It Is to Take on Amazon Real Money 06/13/2019
329 US universities reconsider research links with Chinese AI company 06/13/2019
330 3 Reasons Walmart Is Beating Amazon Amid the Market's Giant Rally Investopedia 06/13/2019
331 India Antitrust Watchdog Sniffs Around E-Commerce Players 05/21/2019
332 China, Hong Kong homebuyers play cross-border musical chairs in Bay Area 06/13/2019
333 Target's latest salvo against Walmart, Amazon Until now, shoppers looking for same-day delivery had to go a startup's website and pay $99 for an annual membership or $14 for a monthly membership. Way to get a 5% discount » ChicagoTribune 06/13/2019
334 Telegram Traces Cyber Attack to China Amid Hong Kong Protests 06/12/2019
335 Walmart reshuffles executive ranks at, its rockstar $3 billion acquisition 06/12/2019
336 Chinese Cash That Powered Silicon Valley Is Suddenly Toxic 06/11/2019
337 Let users sell their data to Facebook, Technology - THE BUSINESS TIMES 08/20/2019
338 Why FedEx Is Terminating Its US Express Contract with Amazon MarketRealist 06/10/2019
339 Amazon Restaurants in US is shutting down 06/11/2019
340 Alipay teams up with European smartphone wallets for QR-code payments 06/10/2019
341 The future of work in retail automation 05/01/2019
342 Huawei’s Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics 05/25/2019
343 A-new-look-at-autonomous-vehicle-infrastructure-vF 05/01/2019
344 Amazon Is Poised to Unleash a Long-Feared Purge of Small Suppliers 05/28/2019
345 How postal networks can compete in the age of e-commerce 05/01/2019
346 BBC - Future - The maths problem that could bring the world to a halt 06/09/2019
347 Standards body warns on US blacklisting of Huawei 06/09/2019
348 SJSU Mail - Alibaba Aims to Bring $200 Billion Worth of Imports to China - Market Realist MarketRealist 06/03/2019
349 Online grocery is 'creating a halo effect' on the rest of Walmart_ US CEO 06/04/2019
350 Four-success-factors-for-workforce-automation 05/01/2019
351 China's Alibaba to invest $100 million in Russian e-commerce JV 06/05/2019
352 Walmart US CEO makes unannounced store visits 06/04/2019
353 Walmart to launch in-home grocery delivery in three cities, starting this fall 06/07/2019
354 MGI-The-future-of-women-at-work-Report AssosciationsNow 06/13/2019
355 Tech Giants Google, Facebook and Amazon Intensify Antitrust Debate 06/12/2019
356 Walmart's Grocery Pickup Attracts a Different Class of Customers 06/08/2019
357 FedEx will stop air shipments of packages for Amazon 06/07/2019
358 A-transformation-in-store-2019-05 05/01/2019
359 Amazon leads $575M investment in Deliveroo 05/16/2019
360 Walmart beats on earnings in Q1, with US e-commerce up by 37% 05/16/2019
361 How Walmart will execute next-day delivery for customers FoxBusiness 05/16/2019
362 Farmers Plow Through Netflix While Plowing Fields 05/10/2019
363 After a Messy Breakup With New York, Amazon Is Back With a Cashierless Go Store 05/08/2019
364 Jeff Bezos personally dumps a truckload of dirt on FedEx’s future 05/14/2019
365 Amazon's _Last Mile_ Problem Is Creating Opportunity 05/14/2019
366 Walmart picks Phoenix for roll-out of new delivery platform Bizjounrals 05/14/2019
367 Inside Amazon's PillPack acquisition - Business Insider - Business Insider 05/14/2019
368 Alibaba founder Jack Ma says staff should have sex six times in six days Telegraph 05/14/2019
369 Walmart gets a jump on Amazon thanks to new policy Forbes 08/17/2019
370 How two San Jose sisters took a garage ice cream business national 05/14/2019
371 Amazon offers employees $10K and 3 months’ pay to start their own delivery businesses _ TechCrunch 05/13/2019
372 Snap AV_ China's fake goods fabrication _ FT Alphaville 05/13/2019
373 Why Alibaba Is a New Threat to Amazon Investopedia 05/13/2019
374 SF approves ban on cashless stores – The San Francisco Examiner SFExaminer 05/07/2019
375 Amazon (AMZN) Hackers Stole Merchant Funds in 2018 - Bloomberg 05/08/2019
376 ‘Why Is This So Cheap_’ Chinese Shopping App Falls for American Bargains - WSJ 05/08/2019
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